Opening an account

As a visitor, you do not have access to information related to prices and technical details. In order to access this information, you need to register for an account.

Account registration is not automatic. When you request an account on Opensubs, an Opensubs account manager will contact you to go through certain administrative details needed to activate your account. Once your account is ready, you will be able to logon to view information such as prices, technical details and full access to the purchasing guides.

Purchase process

Opensubs allows you to choose subscriptions for your open source projects.

The purchase of the subscriptions is not done directly on the site. At the end of your cart checkout, Opensubs will be notified of your intention to purchase a specific set of subscriptions and will send you a quote for you to return to confirm that you intend to purchase those subscriptions. One we receive a signed purchase order, the subscriptions will be sent to you.

Opensubs is a Clever Net Systems brand, which will quote and invoice your subscriptions.

Shipments and returns


Depending on the subscriptions that you purchase, Opensubs will require certain information to be able to send the subscriptions to you. This is asked during the checkout process. You might be contacted by an Opensubs representative to make sure that all information is correct.

Return policy

Purchased subscriptions cannot be returned. We strongly advise to interact with an Opensubs representative to make sure that the subscriptions you purchase are adequate for your project.